COIVD 19 Testing

No Charge to YOU or the PATIENT

There is absolutely no charge. If a person does not have insurance or if they are undocumented, 100% of their bill is covered through the federal cares act. If a person has insurance, they will submit their information so their insurance company can be billed. There are no co-pays and no deductibles so there is also no charge to the one being tested. It is extremely important for a person to understand that if they do have insurance, they must produce their insurance card. If a person says they don’t have insurance and in actuality they do, the federal cares group will send a bill for their testing. Extremely important for the patient to be honest about their insurance, it will save a lot of aggravation down the road. 

Available Testing Options:

Rapid test -Results available within 15 minutes

  • If positive result is found – Nasal PCR test will be given

PCR testing available, results available the next day

Test Site Location:

We personalize the COVID testing to your needs. You know and understand your community so you can determine which location and the best times. We can test inside or an outside drive-through. If you choose an outside drive, we ask that you have an inside location as a backup, in case of inclement weather. During the extreme winter months, we ask for the testing to be performed inside for the safety and well-being of our staff.  

What is required of you?
  • We would need a room, one table and two chairs for each testing station.
  • Develop protocols on how you will respond to a positive Covid-19 result
  • Provide staff with a consent form/waiver for testing each week (If testing weekly)
  • Once all patient data is gathered for testing, a spreadsheet should be provided to our liaison/consultant to keep on file.




Is a script required for testing?

Early on in the pandemic, you might’ve heard that scripts were required to be tested and a person must be symptomatic. Today, that’s gone by the wayside. To help flatten the curve, the CDC recommends for everyone to be tested. A person can be asymptomatic or symptomatic and they do not require a script. 



What happens in the event of a positive result?

If a person tests negative, they will receive their correspondence and results electronically. If a person tests positive, they will receive a personal call from the doctor along with a representative from the county for contact tracing.




Who provides the testing supplies?
AMS provides all supplies needed for the testing. Our fees cover all testing supplies.




How often do you test?

Our company can perform a one time testing event, test weekly or even multiple times throughout the week, if necessary. We normally request a one week notice for scheduling your event however due to emergencies and outbreaks, we have been able to test with a 24 hour notice.






How do patients access their results?

The patient will receive an email with their personal results within 24 hours of testing.






Ready To Take The Next Step and Offer COVID-19 Testing?

Once you have determined your location, date and times, you will submit the information along with your logo to our offices so we can build your pre-registration link. After receiving your pre-registration link, you will send the link via email blasts and text, so the community can sign up.