Enhance Patient Care

Advance Management Service works to support your practice’s efforts to improve the quality of life for your patients. AMS trains your practice on the most up-to-date procedures with allergy scratch testing. Additionally, AMS provides a highly trained medical assistant to perform the scratch testing and administrative tasks. We also handle the paperwork related to the allergy testing along with follow up on receivables.

Our goal is to allow physicians to offer a fully compliant allergy program with the highest quality allergy testing for your patients. Our highly skilled team of specialists will train, oversee and provide guidance for you and your staff throughout the entire process.

Assuming your clinic qualifies for our services, we will setup and provide a trained clinical lab technician, office equipment and supplies, and support your back office to complete billing cycles and help ensure your physician group receives collections. We have setup numerous non-intrusive implementations in doctors’ offices. Their practices have not only seen better patient outcomes but also an increased value to their practice. We can confidently assure our clients a compliant and safe program.

Who will run the allergy testing?
Advance Management Services will supply highly skilled and experienced medical assistants to perform the allergy testing. All services are performed under the supervision of the physician from your office.




When do you invoice?



Your practice will not be billed by AMS until 30 days after the initial Allergy services have been provided.



How does the my practice screen candidates?
Your patient will be given an allergy profile as a screening process. However, all patients would have already been examined by yourself or a physician you assign who would conduct a physical to determine medical necessity.




Who provides the testing supplies?
AMS provides all supplies needed for the testing. Our fees cover all testing supplies.




How often will an AMS technician be in our office?

AMS provides a technician based on your needs. We offer both part-time and full-time.





What tasks will my front office handle?
Our AMS technician handles all scheduling, testing, and insurance verification. Your office staff will not have any additional tasks.






Do I have to be an allergist to offer these services?

No, according to Medicare Policy, any M.D. or .D.O. may perform these services.